会場:MEET. 札幌市中央区北5条西11丁目-8 Sacraビル 4F

ロフトワークさん主催によるプロジェクト「HOKKAIDO TO GO PROJECT」の報告会が、MEET.にて開催されました。

この「HOKKAIDO TO GO PROJECT」は、北海道に今ある魅力を発見・発掘・発信するプロジェクトの一貫として始まったプロジェクト。今回はそのうちの一つとして、3つの地域のお土産品のパッケージをリデザインするという企画です。

その今回の3つの地域は、旭川、釧路、余市。それぞれの地域から選出された事業者と、北海道や海外のデザイナーがタッグを組み、各々の魅力を最大限に発信したパッケージのプレゼンテーションが行われました。参加デザイナーには、COMMUNEとも仲良くさせていただいている、佐藤 健一さん(AMAYADORI)森川 瞬さんも参加されていました。プレゼンで登場したパッケージは、どれも魅力的で、そのプロジェクトに関わった人達の想いが感じられるものばかりでした。また、パッケージが完成するまでに浮かびあがった問題点(地域の内情、これからの課題など)も聞くことができたので、それらのパッケージへの理解がより深まりました。


「HOKKAIDO TO GO PROJECT」のWEBサイトには、これ以外にも有益な情報がたくさん掲載されています。一般的なガイド誌では語られない切り口でのコンテンツの数々を見ると、北海道には、まだまだ可能性があると感じさせてくれます。これを見て、旅行の計画を立ててみる、というのも楽しいかもしれませんね。



Date: March 13, 2019 (Wed) 13:00 to 19:00

Venue: MEET. North 5 West 11 Chome-8 Sacra Building 4F

Organizer: Loftwork Inc.

Loftwork held their HOKKAIDO TO GO project debriefing at MEET.

HOKKAIDO TO GO started as a project to discover, reveal, and communicate Hokkaido's charm. As a part of this endeavor, they undertook the redesign of omiyage (souvenir) packaging from three different regions.

These three localities were Asahikawa, Kushiro, and Yoichi. A tag team was created from each region consisting of a selected brand representative and a designer from either Hokkaido or abroad. Together, they worked to create packaging which brought out the best of each brand and region. Among the participating designers were friends and colleagues of COMMUNE, Kenichi Sato (AMAYADORI) and Shun Morikawa.

The array of packaging was wonderful, full of design where you could feel the spirit of those involved in the making of the products. In hearing about the various challenges of realizing the packaging to the end, such as how to capture the essence of the locale and the souvenir, which obstacles may arise in the future, our understanding of the designs deepened.

Through this debriefing session, we were able to appreciate anew the virtues of Hokkaido's, such as people who hold pride in their business and the availability of delicious local specialties.

On the HOKKAIDO TO GO website, there is an abundance of information that goes beyond the scope of this one project. They offer content from a perspective you can't find in a common guide book. Seeing it all will give you the feeling that there are endless possibilities in Hokkaido. You may even be compelled to make travel plans after reading their posts.

This project has only just begun. Although there may be many obstacles in fulfilling their goals, after seeing the passion of everyone at the event, I trust that they will surpass themselves lightheartedly and have fun doing it. I expect that this process will also be documented on their website, so why not have a look?

Loftwork, the organizer, is undertaking many other enterprises as well. From working styles in the future to community building, these various events and projects may come in handy in the time to come. Check them out as well!